Quentin Auger : Character TD Supervisor

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  • I focus on finding the best combinations in Rigs, Animation tools and Rigging/Simulation Methods considering animators needs, character design as well as pipe-line constraints. I have experience on both realistic and non-realistic movies but I admit to prefer more cartoony, graphically creative design and animation styles.
  • I see team work as the understanding of everyone's point of view, from technical to artistical and interpersonal aspects in order to make as versatile, light and flexible tools and methods as possible.
  • Final goal being to enable everyone in the animation field (animators, SFX people and directors) to be as creative and productive as possible..
  • Personal motto:
  • Making other's work easier and funnier will often show on screen. And even if it doesn't, well, it'll make better memories for everybody in the team anyway!

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    + Latest Demo Reel : 2008 (Rig/Animation):

    > 2008 DemoReel Table Of Contents (PDF)

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